Special Chinese vegetable food lotus root starch 1 pound (454 grams) sweet flavor (中国藕粉有糖甜味)

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Lotus root starch is good for health as a natural food. As a special chinese traditional food, it has more than two thousand years history, and it have been widely enjoyed by both ancient emperor and normal people with good nutrition. We pack one ounce lotus root starch into a small unit bag packing, each time you can eat one pack lotus root starch. How to prepare and eat this food: 1: Take one small unit bag lotus root starch, open the bag and pour the starch into bowl or plate. 2: Pour very small quantity of normal room temperature water into the bowl or plate, remember to stir with spoon or chopstick to make the water mixed with lotus root starch completely. 3: Constantly pour the just boiled water into the bowl or plate slowly, at the same time, stir the starch to make sure it is mixed with hot water, until the starch is becoming viscous glue shape liquid. Color is light yellow or grey white, this glue shape liquid is good as food for your health, be eaten as snack or dessert. Notice: please be sure to follow the ways as above, step 2 and 3 are very important. Especially for step 3, please handle with two hands at the same time, one hand to pour in just boiled water, another hand to stir the starch to make sure it is mixed with hot water completely. The packing maybe some different from photos and color may be some different from photos also, because it is natural food, color difference is acceptable.

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