3 Pound (1362 grams) Vegetable Tofu Skin dried bean curd slices from China

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Bean curd is made from soy beans, it is also called Tofu which contains about 40% protein and some vitamins and amino acids, it is very nutritious healthy food suitable for all people especially the vegetarians. It can be cooked in all ways. Tofu has very long history in China. More than two thousand years ago in ancient china Han dynasty, there is a famous king named Liu An who reigned Huainan, he first milled the soy beans into liquid state and processed it into Tofu. From then on this famous food had been inherited by Chinese people as a kind of delicious food. Tofu can be dried in different shape like stick, sheet, knot or slices. Packing maybe changed or different from photos, but product be the same, please be noted.

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