3 Pound (1362 grams) Special fungus Cordyceps Flower from Yunnan China

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This Himalayas special fungus is tasty and delicious, it can be stewed, fried, or prepared as soup with all kinds of vegetables or meat. It contains a variety of human nutrition to improve the body quality and human disease resistance. This "Chinese caterpillar fungus flowers" is not a kind of flower but essentially cordyceps militaris fruiting body. The medium is the imitation of natural worms with the various nutrients, including grains, beans, eggs and milk belonging to a kind of fungi. Chinese caterpillar fungus flowers , rich in protein, 18 amino acids, 17 kinds of trace elements and 12 kinds of vitamin content ,is higher than that of mushrooms. Through the research of more than ten organization of the countries including Japan, Canada, the United States and China all around the world, it proves that this special fungus is the ideal substitute of traditional Chinese Cordyceps fungus. Please be noted that the mushroom and truffle size and color maybe some different from others. Dried mushroom and truffle are all good for health, Yunnan is a part of Himalayas mountain region which is world famous for wild mushroom and truffle.

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