About us

Our Mission is to preach gospel to all people living in Yunnan mountain regions. All mushroom truffle and tea come from these regions, so when you buy it, you are supporting our preaching missionary, you are helping church mission, God remember your help, God bless you!

Kunming Johnleemushroom Co., Limited is a company specializing in Truffle, wild mushroom and tea, being professional in harvesting, processing, producing and exporting to all over the world, with company registration in Hongkong, business and production base in Yunnan China.
We are a group of local Christian farmers who collect and process the wild mushrooms in the famous Himalayas & Shangrila mountain region of Yunnan and Tibet, process the famous Pu Erh tea in Yunnan.
We serve mainly the following products:
A: Truffle:The Himalayensis, all kinds of Tuber indicum, including Tuber Melanosporum, Tuber Uncinatum, Tuber Brumale and Tuber aestivum.
 We supply not only the fresh truffle, but also the dry truffle slices, cubes of different sizes, and bottled fresh truffle in olive oil , all grades.

B: Matsutake: We usually serve frozen matsutake, the hot dried matsutake slices, and the freeze dried matsutake slices and whole, for all grades.

C: Morel: the top quality morchella conica, not only we supply large quantity of frozen morel, both also hot dried and freeze dried morel.

D: Boletus Edulis and Chanterelle: supply Boletus Edulis, the frozen, brine and dry porcini in large quantity, supply large quantity of Chanterelle, dry and frozen.

E: Other mushroom: Shiitake, bamboo mushroom, red mushroom, Agaricus blazei, Sarcodon aspratus, and others, they are all special Himalayas mushroom, precious and good for health, anti-cancer.

F: Pu Erh tea is from Pu erh, the famous tea town of Yunnan, China. We serve mainly the green tea, black tea, tea cake fermented, tea cake unfermented, Tuocha the mini tea cake, and also tea mixture with edible flowers like chrysanthemum, jasmine and rose flower

G: Dried vegetables and fruits from other parts of China.

H: Dried Seafood harvested from South China Sea, all is natural,wild,good for health without pollution. South China Sea is a very famous seafood hunting field, surrounded by China and South East Asian countries.

 With more than 20 years living in the mountainous region, we are professional in picking and processing fresh tea leaves, truffle and wild mushroom, our CEO John Lee, with many years of trading experience in Europe. Our workers are specialized in preparing and processing tea, wild edible mushrooms and truffle. We have a strict quality control traceability system from the harvesting, management, processing, packing to shipping.

All our company members are glad to serve you, our esteemed clients all over the world.

We do business, we serve God.

With Best Regards
Kunming Johnleemushroom Co., Limited

Our trademark and trade brand:


Himalayas Mushroom & Truffles