We are a professional food company registered in Hongkong of China. We mainly sell following food to all over the world: 1: Seafood from China sea, mostly dried seafood and snack. 2: Dried fruits, nuts, vegetables good for health, we mostly source different kinds of these food from all over the China. They are all China local indigenous food. 3: Dried and wild mushroom is from famous mushroom company in Yunnan China, the JOHNLEEMUSHROOM company. All wild mushroom is from the famous Himalayas & Shangrila mountain region of Yunnan and Tibet, very good for health as nutrition food. 4: Truffle:The Himalayensis, all kinds of Tuber indicum, including Tuber Melanosporum, Tuber Uncinatum, Tuber Brumale and Tuber aestivum. We supply not only the fresh truffle, but also the truffle salt, the dry truffle slices, cubes of different sizes, and bottled fresh truffle in olive oil , all grades. 5:Pu Erh tea is from Pu erh, the famous tea town of Yunnan, China.